Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chemical Free Hair!!

I don't like the term no 'poo. Not because of it sounds like I have stopped going to the bathroom. It just conjures up all of the horrible greasy hair photos and videos I've seen online from people expressing that they've recently "gone no 'poo". Also, it's kind of misleading. Anyone who doesn't use conventional shampoo is using the term but it's like "vegetarian" it's just too big of a catagory. Do you use homemade shampoo? Just water? Baking soda? Corn startch? On the no 'poo blogs and forums everybody disagrees because everybody has a different method and/or different reason for doing it. Sounds kind of like the vegetarian forums, the similarities build!
So I will not be claiming to be a no 'poo-er. I wash my hair, thank you very much.
I didn't do enough research the first time I tried this a few weeks ago. I ran out of conditioner and still have about half a bottle of shampoo. My long curly hair gets very dry on the ends so I was in the habit of shampooing just my scalp and using conditioner all over my hair. I went through a lot of conditioner. I decided to wash my hair as usual and rinse with apple cidar vinegar and ended up using WAY too much vinegar. I ended up having rather greasy hair but it wasn't that noticeable when my hair was up. I'm used to only washing my hair once or twice a week so I kept forgetting to plan enough time to wash my hair and then have enough time for it to dry (i.e. remembering at 9pm that I needed to wash my hair was not very helpful). So this morning I finally got around to hair washing since I got up extra early for my morning run so I would have time to wash my hair before work. I prepared myself 2 old spaghetti jars full of solutions. The first one was 1T of baking soda in hot water and the other was 1T of apple cider vinegar, 1t of raw honey, and cold water.
When I showered I wetted my hair, massaged my scalp, and rubbed down the length of my hair. I then poured the baking soda solution onto my scalp about a half cup at a time and massaged my scalp. It made my hair feel awful. I rubbed it into the hair at the top of my scalp that was still really greasy from my first attempt at the vinegar. I then washed my body and face as usual and then rinsed my hair under the water, really rubbing and massaging to try to work the grease out. Then I poured the cold water and apple cider vinegar over my scalp and then along my hair, rubbing it in as I went. I then rinsed it out in water with more rubbing and massaging. It was hard to tell with my hair wet how it would come out. I towel dried and combed with a wide tooth comb as usual. does my hair look now you ask? Soft and fluffy. No more grease! I have naturally very poofy hair but it's not any more or less frizzy than it usually is. It's also not overly dry. I'd say it's about as dry as it usually is when I shampoo and condition. So I would definitely call it a success! I will have to see how my hair fairs over the next few days. Usually the hair closest to my scalp and face starts to get greasy after 3-4 days depending on how often I run and how humid it is. I have plans to go swimming in a local pond today so I will be interested to know how that effects my hair. Usually it only helps lengthen the time before I have to wash again, hopefully it has the same effect this time too.

My boyfriend was not impressed the first time I tried to use apple cider vinegar. My hair smelled like vinegar and my head looked gross. He suggested that with all of the other green and eco friendly choices I've made I could have the indulgence of "real" shampoo and conditioner. He hasn't seen my hair since I washed it this morning so I'll be interested in his opinion this evening. I know it sort of goes against the whole "hippy green" movement to care about appearances but I like fashion and make up and clean hair (I do also use a hair straightener about 3x a dries out my hair but it looks so manageable and shiney and lovely). But then again it is my philosophy that you can care about the planet and still enjoy modern comforts like great clothes and gormet food. (And great hair too!)

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