Friday, July 8, 2011

The Garden Grows

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My tomatoes (The jungle in the upper left corner) are starting to have baby fruits growing. I have only seen 2 beetles and I gave both of them free airfare into the neighbor's chicken coop. Last weekend at the farmer's market I purchased some zucchini, red romaine, and ginger mint. My garden box is now full (perhaps a little too full!) and thriving. Since the plastic pig is only a 2 gallon can I need to make several trips from the kitchen sink to the garden box to properly water everything.

I added more dirt to my compost bin last weekend. Now that I'm eating raw food my skins, peels, stems, and cores have greatly increased. There is some fabulous black dirt in there from decomposing plant matter. Hopefully I can keep up with all the added refuse. My indoor compost bucket started to attract fruit flies (despite the double layer of charcoal) so I had to clean that out well and have stopped using it for now and just walking outside to put my compost in the bin. We already have an ant proplem, we don't need a fruit fly problem too!! The ants have lived in our apartment longer than we have. I think the only thing that will get rid of them at this point is a good winter freeze.

I'm looking forward to going to the farmer's market again tomorrow. Even my boyfriend enjoys it because there is a local pig farmer selling meat and local cheese, honey, maple, and pickle producers. I'll be buying up the kale and chard at $2 a bunch and hoping to find some greenhouse tomatoes. The local tomatoes at the co-op are SO expensive. I am a tomato addict so I'll pay their high prices if I have to.

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