Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Counting Down!

We'll be moving into our new apartment throughout the week and I'm really looking forward to discovering all the the things I own that I haven't seen in over a year. I'm also looking forward to collecting used furniture from friends, family, and yard sales. Yard sale season definitely seems like a great time to move into a new place, I'm sure to find everything I need in my neighbors' backyards!

I just discovered a great website: MyPlasticFreeLife.com. I'm sure I'll find it very useful as I head into my own plastic free journey. She has a section on there where she challenges readers to track and post their own plastic consumption. I will definitely be taking part and posting my results here as well. I need to do my research as I need to buy vinegar (lots of it!) and other cleaning supplies as well as things like toilet paper and probably other items that will be difficult to find without plastic. It's going to be a challenge!!
I'm pretty busy for the rest of May but I'm hoping to find time soon to start making my own beauty and cleaning products and some good home made foods like bread.

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