Friday, May 20, 2011

Moving In: Kitchen Plastic Log Part 1

While unpacking my kitchen gadgets (which I haven't seen in over a year) I decided to document what I have that is plastic. I was suprised to have less than I originally thought because when I moved I donated a lot of my plastic to a neighbor in need. This is't a comprehensive documentation of all of my pastic as I still have some more stuff to move (like my Vitamix blender and my rice cooker, both of which I know have plastic) so I will add to it once I move those things as well.
I also included here the nonstick pans that I have which I know are not good for me or the environment. My knives I couldn't tell if they were plastic or wood handled so I included those as well, just in case.
I need to test my other pots and pans to see if they are aluminum as there is a link between aluminum and Alzheimer's read more here. I learned that aliminum is not magnetic whereas stainless steel is so testing with a magnet will indicate which type of pots and pans I have. If they are aluminum I will post them here as well.
On Saturday I will be heading to a local thrift store in hopes of finding some plastic, aluminum, and nonstick free kitchen items such as jars, pots, pans, and other gadgets (like the vegetable peeler, measuring cups and spoons, and cheese grater pictured).
The plastic lids shown below go with my pyrex bowl set that I love. I have yet to find information indicating that Pyrex glass is bad in anyway though I haven't really looked that hard.
Luckily not much of the plastic I currently own is likely to end up in a landfill any time soon as it can all be donated and used by someone else. I will have to check the number on the container of wasabi powder to see if that can be recycled once used. I have a few other plastic spice jars I'll have to add to my collection as well. I'm thinking about using glass and metal salt and pepper shakers to store spices going forward. I wonder if screwing them closed with a bit of reused paper would keep them fresh enough.
Tomorrow is sure to be a busy day, there are so many things to think about when trying to create a green, healthy, low plastic, low waste home!

(And please excuse the poor formating of my photos, HTML can be a real pain for this kind of stuff!)






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